Entrepreneurial thoughts whilst flying to the Gold Coast (thank you QANTAS!)

#DontCrackUnderPressure is a genius concept that got me thinking...

#DontCrackUnderPressure is a genius concept that got me thinking…

With thanks to wonderful QANTAS, I have arrived actually feeling quite good after a short flight from Sydney to the Gold Coast (Queensland).

I suffer moderately from Travel Sickness and if I take the full chemical heavy ‘Travacalm Original’ I don’t get one bit of sickness at all. It’s a great product and highly recommended if you are one of the unlucky ones like me that get hot and heavy whilst travelling.

However, I do get a little bit drowsy from it after a flight so if I can, I enjoy a beautiful cup of coffee and a sparkling mineral water to pick me up. I am about to pick up the rental car to drive to Byron Bay, so I thought it’s time to get well rested and in the zone.

As there is no internet on a flight, it’s one of the few times that myself (and I am sure that many people) have a chance to reflect on life, business and enter a creative space.

I have been doing that and as I was browsing the QANTAS magazine, I really enjoyed this flight. QANTAS is a fantastic airline full of incredible people and for that I think they are totally wonderful.

What made me really think was seeing a magazine advertisement from TAGHeuer. It was funny in that as I get more successful, I find the brand more attractive. When I was a drifter once, I would never have found it interesting so I must be approaching their target market (lol).

The ad was great with Muhammad Ali and their classic and highly successful #DontCrackUnderPressure campaign. This really hit me in between the eyes in that in being totally honest and frank with you all; I have been under quite a bit of pressure over the past few months.

It’s positive pressure and I am winning on many fronts and so are my clients. So even though it is positive and I am happy; it’s still pressure and I must be honest and confess that I have had some tough moments.

For those that know me, I never crack under pressure. However, I most certainly feel it at times!

During the week, I had to be the bad guy and remove a few people from the community that have been causing problems. Even though they are people who have had complaints made about them who had to go, it did stress me out a little bit.

This is strange for me in that kicking butt is what I am great at, however even for me I feel like cracking a little bit with lots of pressure.

This brings us back to TAGHeuer’s genius campaign #DontCrackUnderPressure. I love it in that it implies we all have pressure, we all at times feel like cracking, but stay strong and in the zone.

I most certainly have and I have found that when people do crack as entrepreneurs many bad things happen. It can be as small as losing hours or as big as losing your whole business.

Talking to the positive? My thoughts are that we should be aware in advance that we will have tough moments. This is where we must be strong.

Whilst I am resting during my trip, I am also going to recharge for those busy times to come.

Those are my thoughts, thank you so much for reading this, I appreciate any likes & shares on Social Media and hope this helps you in your own entrepreneurial experience.

Love your work, god bless you and thank you all!