Hitting your message at the right angle

Passionate, brilliant and a pleasure to watch - Ranger Jamie rocks!

Passionate, brilliant and a pleasure to watch – Ranger Jamie rocks!

When it comes to getting your Marketing, message and thinking right; the ‘angle’ at which you hit is everything. There are no doubt dozens (if not hundreds) of potential ways of marketing your business and it’s you can tell when people are still ‘searching’ for that angle and the people who have clearly found it.

One amazing character is Ranger Jamie from his own Tour company Ranger Jamie Tours (visit his Facebook page here).

His Facebook videos are amazing and as I was sitting at my PC, I saw one of his fantastic Facebook videos come up. It was so darn good, it inspired me to think of this topic on a much deeper level. If you check out some of his videos on FB, they get massive engagement, are lots of fun with his clients consuming the content on a regular basis.

It’s high energy, interesting and you know instantly he is a passionate expert in what he does. I am blown away by how many views this awesome man gets and although it looks like he does it with ease; I can totally assure you it took him lots of time, practice, tweaking and work to get this exact angle.

That is, Jamie himself tried so many different things, ‘crazy ideas’ and some of them just stuck. Over time, he did more and more of these and today you can see a powerful, high engagement and growing Facebook page.

You can say that he tried almost every angle possible and he knows the exact ‘takes’ on his marketing to get engagement, smiles and sales.

My advice and lessons from reflecting on the awesome Jamie? Watch his stuff. Check it out and ask yourself how you can do it better. Think of what you sell and just keep trying different angles of pitching this.

This may be Facebook videos, email newsletters or even what you say to people at networking events; the trick is continually shaking up your message. You will know when that exact strike gets a hit!

It usually results in lots of engagement and then leads / sales! You will know when you hit it and you shall know when you still miss it.

Big thank you to Ranger Jamie, love your work and check out his stuff – you will get a smile and some new ideas guaranteed.

Thanks for the read, love your work and stay awesome!