Getting clients sitting on park bench

Be happy, be out there and you never know when you shall meet one awesome high value client!

Be happy, be out there and you never know when you shall meet one awesome high value client!

One of my intelligent and sophisticated clients has got me thinking on the story / adventure of getting hired by them. It’s one of those narratives that to me show the complexity and ‘multiple channels’ of how clients hire us.

I think it was about 18 months ago, I was working away on my Microsoft Surface in Berry Square in North Sydney (the main centre with lots of shops). I was typing away on emails, content and the like – this man stopped to say hello and ask me about the Surface 3 Pro.

We started talking and he asked what I do. I told him and he mentioned “Well, we do have a Marketing Agency – but they aren’t the best”.

We swapped cards, I sent him an email, connected on LinkedIn and then life got in the way and time passed.

About 14 months later, I got a phone call saying “Edward, we need your help, our Marketing Agency has let us down and we need your help on an urgent project”.

(It was strangely like playing any of the Fallout Video games. You bump into someone and it turns into it’s own quest for treasure lol).

I was able to get in there immediately the next afternoon and got straight to work on the account. They gave me something small to test me out and I actually did the work over the weekend. It was that good they kept me!

What was fascinating and very educational to me about this story was how it took 12 months for them to hire me. In the meantime the man read lots of my blogs, got into my content and checked out my website many times with his business partner.

Without me even knowing, my online presence was busy doing the sell for me and it was totally amazing. Today, they are a fantastic big client of mine who I love working with and have been getting projects out and kicking goals.

It all started talking to a nice man while I was sitting on park bench to now.

My advice and lessons? Two things from this one. Firstly, you never know where you are going to meet a new client. Secondly, the sales process that people go through can be very complex. People don’t just talk to you once and hire you.

Oh no, they think about it for months, Google you, Facebook you, LinkedIn you, hit your live webinars and go through the lot. Then only some come through as clients.

Keep that in mind with your business and get everything right. So if they Google you or check out your website, you know they will have a great experience.

Over time you pick up more and more clients and just keep winning.

Love your work, thank you awesome client and thank you for taking the time to read this. Trust it helps you in your own journey of success.