Being a great boss

The very awesome Teegan and Kaity honouring their GREAT boss. Love their work!

The very awesome Teegan and Kaity honouring their GREAT boss. Love their work!

On a relaxing Sunday in Sydney; I was scrolling through Facebook as I do. Looking at cool posts on anything from Hillary Clinton getting trashed in the polls for president, friends enjoying their day and news across the globe.

I saw one fascinating post of two beautiful beauty therapists genuinely complimenting their boss on Facebook. You don’t see that everyday (in fact you can see the exact opposite at times) and it was a reference to the awesome leadership of a fine Beauty Entrepreneur by the name of Tina Zinghini from Miss Lushes Lashes.

I have been very lucky to be friends and work with Tina for what must have been few years now. She once contacted me over Facebook to help her market her salon. As her quality is so darn awesome, it was very easy for me!

As time has passed, I have seen her salon develop and she has earned the loyalty and respect of her staff over the years. You don’t see this very often (believe me) and when I do; it got me to pay attention and think about Leadership, Management and what makes a great boss.

Over the years I have managed lots of staff right from informants giving me information, professional marketers, sales people, line managers and also volunteer staff (FYI volunteer staff is the HARDEST people you can ever manage!).

From my own personal experience and reflecting on Tina’s successes, these are some of my top key points on how to be a GREAT boss:

– Care for your people: Your staff are humans with needs, concerns and wants. Sure you have limitations based on reality, but you do what you can to help.

– Care for the outcome: Your staff are humans BUT they have a job to do and you treat everyone fairly and make sure they do it.

– Care for fairness and equality: I don’t mean so much race, gender or religion (as I have never seen that as an issue), but more how some bosses treat their staff differently. That is, they accept say 4 out of 10 quality of out one and only accept 9 out of 10 quality of someone else. Not good.

– Care for the customer: They know their staff is the one who interacts with the customer and they set a culture and tone where everyone puts the customer first.

In short, you can see a theme here – they care! This is really important and if you know Tina or are lucky to ever meet her – you will find her the type of person who cares about almost everything.

It is no mystery or accident she is successful; in fact, with these traits you expect that.

My advice and thinking? Care about the business, people, staff and the customer. The more you care, the more it will show in your quality of work and the respect your staff have for you.

You cannot make someone respect you. Sure, you can make them fear you (but remember that fear is one of the precusor emotions to hatred).

True respect comes as you earn that from people as they don’t listen to what you say; but assess what you are by your deeds. Hence people like Tina rock and earn the respect of many.

Love your work, thank you for the read, thank you Tina, Teegan and Kaity for the inspiration.