Greater Blacktown Business Chamber: Highly recommended!

Video man Dave Power taking a shot of Nathan Rees speaking on the night. Great spot!

Video man Dave Power taking a shot of Nathan Rees speaking on the night. Great spot!

If I think back over the years I have been in business I have had my wins and losses.

My wins are bigger than my losses which is fantastic (or I wouldn’t be around today) and one key contributor to how many wins or losses we encounter are the people we are surrounded by.

Interestingly I had the ‘Greater Blacktown Chamber’ last night which was hosted at the Bluesox Stadium in Greater Western Sydney. It was fantastic and I met some amazing people and reconnected with some great friends. You had local business owners present right through to the fine Corporates from Wet ‘n ‘Wild Sydney.

This event was full of the right people and I had a fantastic night. I was like being at a party with friends and even though I don’t have much of an opportunity to get there very often – when I do it is totally worth it.

Talking baseball, business, great times and the like was brilliant. The key reason I liked it and rate it is because:

– “It’s full of the right people”

‘Right’ of course being the operative term. In this case I mean it in terms of kindness, business success, openness, similar fit and their level of entrepreneurial ship. Being surrounded by these people is a very profitable and intelligent move to make.

They are the type that would hire people with the goods, would be great providers themselves when hired and the type of people that refer business and encourage lots of interaction. You can say they are just ‘awesome’.

My advice and thinking? If the Greater Western Part of Sydney works for you, check out the ‘Greater Blacktown Chamber’. Recommended. If say it doesn’t – take the other lesson from my article by surrounding yourself by the ‘right’ people. This may involve moving on from people you know and making new friends.

Love your work, thanks for the read, thank you Trevor Oldfield, Dave Powers, Carl Albrecht, Noela, Schon & Debbie Condon and the many friends that are numerous to note who were there on the night.

>> To learn more, visit the Greater Blacktown Chamber Website here

Stay awesome 🙂