Giving a taste of what you offer (lessons from Arepa @ Saporium)

The Arepa guys rocked and reminded me of a very old sales lesson...

The Arepa guys rocked and reminded me of a very old sales lesson…

Today was a great (yet hectic) Sunday of gym, cleaning and visiting some fine food places with my awesome wife.

We are certainly fans of great food and the like visiting the ‘trendy’ food halls which are appearing all over Sydney.

One impressive place we visited today was ‘Saporium’. It’s in the inner-West commercial area of Sydney and it’s worthy of a great visit for anyone.

They had this ‘food block party’ theme in operation with all sorts of vendors selling great stuff. Within the food hall itself; you had lots of people in stalls competing for the passers by share of wallet / purse.

Interestingly you had people giving away samples of their fine food and it became very obvious after a short while:

– “The one’s who gave away the most samples, get the most sales.”

I was thinking that when these guys by the name ‘Arepa’ were selling these ‘puffy tacos’ at my first reaction. I went up, very curious and they were actually a street food from Venezuela which is a ‘corn bread’ type of pouch and fill it with all sorts of fillings. When I saw it I wasn’t 100% sure and then the very kind good looking man (with the Guns & Roses picture in the photo) offered me a sample.


I then opened my wallet, gladly parted with my money and enjoyed myself to some fine Venezuela street food (5 stars by the way). As I had this experience, I instantly knew my blog topic for the day and related it to my own business and success.

In the Mentoring, Coaching & Consulting space – you only get clients by firstly giving them a taste of what you are all about. Be it Live Webinars, having free materials on your website or even say knowledge you give them on the house in your first pre-consult; it all helps them decide if it’s right for them.

Interestingly I was browsing and tried lots of different foods and lots wasn’t for me, BUT when I found something great I immediately took action.

The Arepa guys reinforce a basic (yet often overlooked) lesson in business to always give a taste / demonstration of what you can offer. It’s really important so people can learn for themselves and find how awesome your product is.

My advice and thinking? Besides trying one of the Arepa’s guys pockets, visiting Saporium and the like – make sure you give away samples of what you do. In the case of food it’s a sample, in the case of knowledge it may be a video on your website talking through key insights. Find what works for you and make it available to the market.

I use Facebook in this exact way and it’s amazing!

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!