Getting ‘Simply Organised’

Amy Revell’s book ‘Simply Organised’ was a well timed purchase and great read. I love her work!

I was very grateful to keynote at the recent Institute of Professional Organisers (“IOPO”).

It was a great conference held at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour and yours truly spoke on Marketing & Sales.

At the following Cocktail Party where I was invited, I got to meet some incredible people including the Professional Organiser Amy Revell. We instantly clicked, both even participated in a prayer circle and became instant pals. In this experience, I purchased her book ‘Simply Organised’ and I really loved it.

Before this all played out, I was getting more organised in my own life. Throwing out stuff, cleaning up, doing a better job on chores and decluttering my life. It was making me feel better, get more productive and I was loving it.

Then Amy’s book ‘Simply Organised’ gave me more ideas to go the extra mile here.

My advice and thinking? Google and buy Amy’s book. It’s really cool. Also, get more organised in your own life. For me it’s been a relieving exercise on many levels and I love it.

The less you have in your life, the more you can focus on what really matters.

Love your work Amy and thank you for reading this article. Love your work and here’s to getting organised 😊