The great Coworking & Event Space of AEONA

AEONA rocks and Lorraine Makasini was a wonderful speaker this evening. Love her work!

AEONA Coworking Space is a wonderful place near Central Station in Sydney where we have hosted many events including our “Profitable Marketing Meetup”.

We have wonderful events there on every level and I proudly have referred lots of people there. We had another wonderful Marketing Meetup tonight and these are the great reasons how AEONA helps:

  • Great Location: Right near Central Station. Love it.
  • Great Main Room: Well located room with good room and a top view of the city.
  • Trendy Location: Well built and a top place.
  • Great staff: Benny & Alex who own and run the place rock.

Everyone Loves it: It’s a great spot.

My advice and thinking?

>> Check out AEONA on Central. Top Space and learn more at their website here.

I love their work and great spot. Very nice!