Getting GREAT people together

The Great People of Profitable Marketing Mastery Workshop. I SO LOVE THEIR WORK!

I had many great conversations today during our Profitable Marketing Mastery Workshop.

This was our Premium Event at Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour which rocked for many reasons.

One core reason, was the great people in the room and the chemistry of everyone together. A great friend who came today asked me some quite serious questions about themselves and whether they will succeed in business.

They are brilliant, and I said they would and I also added:

  • “If I didn’t think you’d succeed, I wouldn’t have invited you to our Workshop”

They were equally shocked and complimented (at once), by this statement and they got my point of view very quickly when I said that it’s my goal to bring great people together.

For every event I run, it’s my goal to bring the best people together so we all have a winning, productive and fun time. When we do this, it creates a top vibe and a space where people get more done.

My advice and thinking? Bring GREAT people together. This is especially true when you run workshops. This creates a much more active and successful group with winning on all levels.

Thank you everyone for making it great and such a wonderful day.

Love your work friends, stay awesome, here’s to top groups and THANK YOU for a wonderful day!