Reckitt Benckiser shared my Blog on LEMSIP MAX!

I so love this tweet from RB about my LEMSIP MAX blog!

I am very pumped this morning that one of the world’s top Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company’s RB (“Reckitt Benckiser”) shared my blog on LEMSIP MAX.

If you have come to one of my recent events or have been following this wonderful blog, you may have seen me LOSE MY VOICE a few weeks back. Whilst it’s funny that I did and I respect that people would find that amusing (I would if I wasn’t me); it was actually quite scary in that I have events to run.

No voice, means no event and it was LEMSIP MAX that saved my day! I was so pumped about this, I even wrote a blog about the whole experience. They just shared it on Twitter and that just rocks.

I used to live in my car a Decade ago and a top FMCG company now shares my blogs. My own fragile ego think’s that’s pretty cool 😊

My advice and thinking? Being an entrepreneur is great in that it lets you build your own wealth and success. The workplace let me down that led me to being without home, but through my own business life is just rocking.

Go hard with your business. It may take a you a decade, but it’s all worth it.

I love your work, thank you RB, appreciate the read and stay awesome friends.