Enhancing PowerPoints with LESS WORDS and MORE IMAGES

The slides work great now! Less words just rocks.

I have been grateful to get lots of top feedback as to my Presenting, Speaking and PowerPoint skills lately.

What people have noticed (yay) is how beautiful my PowerPoints are and how compelling they make presenting experiences.

One of the key improvements we have made is less words and more images. They used to all be very wordy previous and over time I have cut it back.

It’s been great in that:

  • The PowerPoints are faster to create
  • The Handouts print out better
  • People love them more
  • They really look good
  • It gives me more room to ‘adlib’ on stage

My advice and thinking? Cut back your wordcount friends! It makes the big different and brings your PowerPoints to life.

Love your work, keep winning and enjoy friends!