My VERY SMART Persian Pal Naz

Naz is very smart and I LOVE HER WORK!!

If you have been following me on Social Media, you may have seen one of my glorious videos.

One of the big favourites is my “Pre Coffee Marketing Thoughts” where I give my best idea for the day (before I have coffee).

It’s become a regular hit and today I spoke about how you get big jobs done using the “Climb them mountain one step at a time” metaphor.

Being smart, brilliant, funny, attractive, savvy, awesome and more; my pal Naz loved this video and left a very smart comment which I had to cut and paste here:

  • Totally agree Ed, I think taking smaller steps, little increments in achieving goals daily, weekly or monthly is something we can all commit to. We shouldn’t overload tasks and set unrealistic deadlines for ourselves – this won’t be good for self-confidence if we fail. Slow and steady wins the race and we shouldn’t ever worry about the setbacks there will always be setbacks!…SO JUST BEGIN

This just rocks and what can I say besides, I LOVE HER WORK.

A brilliant comment and Naz rocks.