Joel Curtis the Psychologist is on TV. Yeah TV! He is a total inspiration that I can only learn from and I am sure there is plenty more coming from him (Thank you to Tony Rosier for the photo here!)

Joel Curtis the Psychologist is on TV. Yeah TV! He is a total inspiration that I can only learn from and I am sure there is plenty more coming from him (Thank you to Tony Rosier for the photo here!)

Hello Awesome People!

I have to totally to take my hat off to one of my Awesome Colleagues Joel Curtis, the Psychologist. This great guy has been getting lots of Media Exposure and Attention including getting a slot on Prime Time, Free to Air TV in Sydney. Yeah! TV! I am not talking about some obscure funny show on late at night in French on SBS – but the Mornings TV Show on the 9 Network.

If you have seen some of my previous Blogs and Posts, I have been Incredibly Lucky to have him on previously as a Guest Blogger, help Joel with his Marketing & Approach and also take his own Advice at times in dealing with my personal Issues (such as with PTSD from my Government Days).

Even though my Business has been growing like crazy lately, I have picked up some very Impressive Clients and my Online Presence is taking off – Joel is totally kicking my butt as I am still yet to have my “Audible Chocolate” voice on Radio – let alone get on TV and putting my views forward on Marketing, Business & the like.

Even though I had an Conceptual Idea of how, I congratulated Joel and asked him how he did it (which was then confirmed). How did he get such an Awesome Coveted spot on TV? Many people talk about doing this – but very few Actually have Achieved it. If you speak to Joel, he is an Incredibly Humble man who I have Extremely High Levels of Respect for and he ‘downplayed’ how he got on TV and the like.

He took a more “Right Place / Right Time” attitude which *is true*, however when I sit back as a Critical Marketer I know there are probably a lot more Reasons of how he got the Opportunity to go onto TV.

If I consider Joel and many of my other High Profile Clients who have been on TV, Mainstream NewsPapers or make it into Large Blogs or the like – it’s usually a Massive Combination of reasoning as to how they have Made it. Bring it more back to Joel, I am willing to bet it’s a Total Aggregate of his Overall Reputation which led to him being on TV – including anything from:

– Personal Recommendations: Key people who know Joel personally saying “Yes he is an amazing man and I am happy to put him up for it”.

– The Right Story for the Right Angle: Joel’s Skills and Key Expert witness / expert Status makes him perfect for going on this show on the Topic of “Divorce House Splits”. That is – he is an Expert at what he does which makes him the perfect Candidate for the “Right Time” the Media can use him.

– One’s Own Profile & Presence Online: The first place people are checked out today is Online with a simple “Google Search” being quite common. Every little bit adds up here and you don’t know what someone is checking out on you. It can be LinkedIn, Websites, Facebook & the like that help build your Online Credibility. Basically you want it naturally becomes your Track Record, so to speak.

– Proof You are a Safe Bet: If you have a Video of yourself Online, any Potential Media outlet can “See” for real, that you are good and know what you are doing. Even if it’s a simple Video on YouTube or Facebook Direct – they can check you out.

My Lessons and Thinking? Firstly Joel is Amazing and well done to you! Secondly to get on TV it is the “Right Place / Right Time”, however it comes down to your current and existing Reputation prior to your debut.

Talking about myself personally, I am yet to get Joel’s wins Media Wise on TV – but what I can tell you with Confidence is that anyone I know who has Cracked things in this regard are like Joel being Well Liked, Respected and Known Characters/Authorities in their own right.

A big shout out to Joel and to learn more about him – check out his Facebook Page >> Right Here!

If anyone out there reading this can offer an awesome slot for me, I am definitely reaching out to start the ball rolling 🙂

Trust this has been another Helpful Topic. For more savvy tips and to keep up to date with New Ideas to Market your Business, please sign up to the The Awesome Marketing Vault

Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!




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