Too much going on can create stress, fatigue and really slow down production. Sometimes 'Single Tasking' is just the best for getting stuff done!

Too much going on can create stress, fatigue and really slow down production. Sometimes ‘Single Tasking’ is just the best for getting stuff done!

Hello Awesome People!

As a bit of a departure from my regular Focus of Marketing & Small Business, I am spending my evening writing Content for an Awesome Large Client of mine. They are Technical Leaders in the Communications Space and I have been writing Articles into the darkness of night on the dangers of “Multi-Tasking”.

Basically a lot of Research I am doing right now is on the dangers of the “Modern-World” in which we live. That is, we are now sitting at PC’s all day, on trains with Phones surfing facebook, in bed browsing on Tablets and quite often our Valuable Work Time can be interrupted with anything from Emails, to Facebook Messages, Tweets or even the old fashioned Phone going off constantly.

It’s totally got me thinking about some of my own Inefficiencies when I work and there is a fantastic quote from Neuroscientist Daniel J Levitin:

“When trying to Concentrate on a Task, an unread Email in your Inbox can Reduce your Effective IQ by 10 Points.”

This makes complete Sense to me, in that every time I am working away (even on an email), another Email arriving can totally break my Concentration and Flow of Thoughts. Even worse is when I stop an email I am working on, to open another email, then respond – only going back at the end to my original email spending a few minutes pondering “What was this all about?”

I have even had instances where I have done this 3 – 4 times and I have say 4 x partially written emails open that are still in my draft folder. It just seems to be a very Inefficient Process and the more I learn about Efficiency, the more I realize that “Single Tasking” has some Massive Benefits over “Multi-Tasking”. Sure, you have to answer the phone and be Accessible – however, there are Key Moments where it’s Critical to close Facebook, the Email Browser, set the phone to “Flight Mode” and pump out Important jobs at hand that require a 100% Focused Mind.

I find this can be Detail, Invoicing, setting up Complex Software and the like – you are way better to Shut Everything Else Down, and Focus 100% of your Energy on a Single Task and Pump it out at say 300% Times the Speed you would with all the normal Distractions going on.

It is also way Less Stressful too! Having a lots happening at once can be very tiring and the more we Focus – the better we work!

My Advice and Learnings from this great Research? When you need to be Productive and get stuff done, it pays to turn off communications and Focus on what you really need to do. Overall, you will save more time and concentrate on the Task at hand.

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!



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