Myself and the Awesome Ronald Pratap who guest blogged on 'The Edward Files'. He made some compelling points and enjoy!

Myself and the Awesome Ronald Pratap who guest blogged on ‘The Edward Files’. He made some compelling points and enjoy!

Hello Awesome People!

Introducing Ronald Pratap, he is a very Kind, Generous and Intelligent Financial Planner who I have met through the Awesome 4Networking Australia in Sydney. We connected, met each other at quite a few meetings and have enjoyed some great catch-ups and meals together.

As I got to know Ronald, his story immediately drew my Interest and Attention. Browing up in Sydney’s Western Suburbs, who had a Single Mum struggle to bring his family up in one piece – Her great work showed in a Kind and Generous man who has Kicked Butt in the Business Space.

I invited him to Guest Blog on “The Edward Files” and I’d love to share his Brief and Powerful article with you all.


“Getting Ahead of the Game” – Guest Blog by Ronald Pratap:

The Choice is yours. Do something now that your Future Self will thank you for because we can always get more Money, but you can never get more time?

I have been in the Financial Services industry for close to 9 years now and in that time I have had Clients come to me after they have madesome  bad Financial decisions that have not worked out, messy divorces, Inadequate Retirement Planning and multiple Investment Accounts with high fee structures.

I grew up being the eldest of two other siblings and was raised by my single mother, who worked when she could but also needed to relied on the Government Family Benefits, so I understand the Importance of Cash Flow and Budgeting from a young age in a household, which a lot of people take for granted.

Making small changes to your Situation Now rather than later will help you Significantly in the Long Term. These changes can be small things like Paying off personal Debt, Choosing Superannuation Investments wisely and setting yourself Periodic Mile Stones and Goals.

Independent research released in 2011 for the Financial Services council showed that between 2005 and 2009, people with a Professional Adviser saved an average of $6,370 more than those without(after taking in costs of advice.) For someone 20 years away from retirement (that translates to an additional $80,000) this shows the Importance of Professional Advice and not always having to do things yourself and potentially making wrong Financial decisions.

Mistakes a majority of people tend to make is going by the “flavour of the month” which is usually discussed at the weekend BBQ including:

– Setting up an SMSF because my friend told me it was a good idea.
– Put all my Superannuation into cash because the market has fallen or looks like falling.
– Buying a Property because that will get me the best return.
– Buying into gold, that price can’t possibly go down (Well it did go down)

It is definitely worthwhile seeing a Professional to discuss what Options you have available, and the implications of each path you choose to take, e.g. Initial and Ongoing Costs of setting up an SMSF, crystallising Losses when switching investments, relying on historical returns as an indication of future returns.

There has been a lot going on in the Financial Planning industry at the moment; with Legislative changes, investigations and compensation claims. What you don’t hear about is the great work Financial Advisers are doing for thousands of Australians by helping to Secure their Financial Future.

About the Author:
Ronald Pratap provides advice on Investments, Superannuation, Risk Management, and Retirement Planning through Clear, Transparent and Structured advice. He likes to understand what is really Important to his Clients in order to provide Realistic and Personal Advice that doesn’t drastically sacrifice current lifestyle, while trying to obtain results.

If you are unsure of how best to plan your retirement, are confused by the whole process or would just like Guidance on taking the First Steps Towards Financial Freedom, please feel free to contact Ronald ph:02 9633 9055 or visit

Edward’s Post Blog Remarks:

To the point, and I agree with this one. I got into lots of trouble when I was in my late 20s, and spent a good month living in my car as part of the result (after losing everything including my home). I didn’t think through things from a Financial viewpoint and this came to a Cost to me, haunt me and totally hurt me in that regard.

Ronald’s advice is Great, Strong and Profound. Trust you enjoy this Guest Blog and contact him if he can be of service!

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.



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  1. It is good to know there is someone in the finance industry who has witnessed first hand what financial struggle is like.

    With this uppermost in mind I wish Ronald Pratap the best with this business venture.

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