Get Political

I was campaigning over the weekend with Usha Dommaraju. She rocks and totally gets it!

I had a great Sunday where I got political.

It wasn’t a Pro Trump Twitter Rant, saying Crazy Stuff on LinkedIn or virtue signalling on Facebook; it was me helping my powerhouse Local Liberal MP Geoff Lee in his upcoming State Election.

When I started out in business, I had all ‘these people’ telling me the danger of mixing politics and business. I then found that the self-made multi-millionaire clients I have, ARE EXTERMELY ACTIVE IN POLITICS.

As time passed and I saw the truth here, I slowly got involved in politics to the point where I started working in local elections and loving it. Being that I am based in Parramatta (Western Sydney), I met Geoff Lee at a few events and really clicked with the guy.

The Liberal Party of Australia is also a great Centre Right Wing Party (akin to United States Republicans) which has the views which I agree with. Lower taxes, support of businesses, protection of the worker, stronger borders, supporting jobs and more.

As I have got political in my business, it’s helped me get my name out there, meet more people, get more clients and make more money.

My advice and thinking? Get political friends! As I’m an entrepreneur, the right-wing parties are the way to go. Even if you’re a crazy leftie (I still love you) and your clients are crazy lefties, then join a crazy leftie party.

The point is getting active in politics. By you doing that, you will do your part in building your country and get lots of PR in the process.

Believe me, it’s tremendous 😊

Love your work