Cutting down your SUGAR!

Figs have helped me avoid the nasty sugar!

I used to think that Socialists were my biggest problem. I always think those crazy lefties would drive me over the brink one day, and then I turned 35.

As I turned 35, I made some very silly mistakes. I let my eating go, went with the flow and over the next 2 – 3 years put on a good 20 kg of fat.

It was not good at all and I used to be a very healthy guy and although I was working out, I was very large. Sore backs, knees, fatigue and the lot were common feelings of me for a while there.

When I hit around 38 to 39, I started losing it! I got down most of it on my 40th birthday, with a little bit more to go.

If I look back on WHY, the core problem wasn’t exercise or eating too much fat. It was SUGAR which is in everything. I cut down my sugar consumption by more than 80% and it did the trick. In short, this is what I did to get it down:

  • Eat less sugar containing foods: Instead of 7 x Ice Creams a week (yes, I was doing that), I have about 2.
  • Replace sugar with Stevia: Stevia is derived from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana, native to Brazil and Paraguay (reference Wikipedia). I replaced my Chocolate, Drinking Chocolate and more with Stevia which takes the sugar out.
  • Walk an hour a day: It stops you sitting there eating.

My advice and thinking? Get your sugar down friends. It will help you lose weight and feel better. This is what worked for me, so please use it as inspiration to find what works for you.

Love our work and keep winning friends!