Running Different Facebook Ads Against Each Other

I’ve got my video perfect and now it’s the moment of truth and Facebook Testing!

I have had lots of great people today as me about Facebook Advertising.

I love Facebook Advertising and I have found that it either suits people or not. If your customers are really specialised, then maybe more Direct Selling or LinkedIn. However, if you are targeting more of an interest or demographic; Facebook is just wonderful.

On my Friday afternoon, I have just finished my new Facebook Video Ad. It’s really good, I am pumped to do it and what is interesting is that I am using the IDEAL TEXT to one of my other ads.

That is, one of my ads has this great high converting text, and I am trying it now with a video in there. Will it sell more? Will it get more view? Will it win more?

I believe that there is a great chance it could, otherwise I wouldn’t do the ad. The point is however, that I am not just keeping my Facebook Advertising where it is. I am trying new ads as time passes to make it convert even more.

My advice and thinking? If you are getting into Facebook Advertising, make sure you doing multiple ad tests (e.g. AB Testing). You want to always be improving against what you have done, to keep making it better and better.

Happy Facebooking, here to help and love your work 😊