From eating healthy to hitting the gym, it has made my brain fitter and improved my marketing!

From eating healthy to hitting the gym, it has made my brain fitter and improved my marketing!

I have been feeling fantastic lately in many parts of my life.

The business is rocking, married life is good and I have working quite heavily on my own fitness. These days I am starting to look like a Rugby player in terms of my size, my tree trunk legs and my strength.

What I have noticed more importantly however, is that I am getting far more clients, making a great impression on people and most of all I am getting smarter and more intelligent.

I am sure this is linked to my general experience, however the whole fitness / gym / health side of things has helped me feel far better and it’s reflected in how I have worked with clients.

Talking more to Marketing, where it’s helped me a great deal is it has me thinking quicker, faster, pumping out more videos and really carefully thinking about what works and making it better.

For me, my priority is growing my success online. I would say it’s good and it’s my job right now to turn that into ‘Great’ and when I am there, I promise to be totally shouting it from the rooftops.

The whole aspect of physical fitness has translated to other areas of my life. It’s helping me think clearer, better, making more intelligent choices and the discipline I have put in there is coming through in other areas of my life.

I blog faster, pump out more videos, look after clients even better and what I really love is that I am happier about what I do.

My advice wonderful friends? Be physically healthy and that will support your mental development.

As your brain works better, expect to make more profitable and intelligent choices. It also improves your marketing too.

Love your work, thanks for the read, share it with those it can help and stay awesome!



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  1. Hi Edward,

    I could not agree more about the physical and mental connection!

    I have help friends turned around their mental health simply by encouraging them to get into physical activities AND getting more sunshine. Be social is another key factor!

    You are impacting on more people’s lives by sharing your positive experiences, Edward!

    • Love your work and thank you Viola Tam the Business Mum! You are great and thank you again for the kind invite today. It was an awesome pleasure 🙂

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