Keep your clients happy and get more of them. Easy! My local 'The Coffee Embassy' does a great job on that one.

Keep your clients happy and get more of them. Easy! My local ‘The Coffee Embassy’ does a great job on that one.

As I get more into my own business and development as of late, I have found myself reflecting on what is working and what to improve on.

In short, I have found that most business problems can be solved by having more clients. When I say clients, I do mean ‘Profitable High Value Clients’ that are awesome, you love and pay their bills on time. If someone doesn’t do that, then they aren’t a ‘client’ in my book.

Talking more to the point, over the years most people have business problems due to the lack of enough clients, or the right clients. When the funding isn’t right, people have to do too much work, don’t have the lifestyle they deserve or they have to work way too many hours to get by (which used to describe me once upon a time).

In almost all situations, having more clients has solved almost all of my clients and friends woes. Let’s say your processes aren’t perfect, your staff aren’t right and you get more clients – it often creates a situation that forces the business owner to clean things up, get involved more and as the funding increases – they have more fun and more investment goes back into the business.

As you earn more, it gives one the opportunity to invest back into the business to make it stronger, more effective, far more powerful and the like.

Taking this thinking to the next level, I am always steering my clients to focus on the top key areas. 1) Customer serve and making sure existing are happy, 2) Improving the service and product quality and 3) Getting More Clients always.

When the focus is on these core areas, things just work and they work well (it also keeps one not worrying too much about back of house issues).

My advice and friends? Love your customers, have the best goods / services and go hard for lots of clients. That solves most problems we can face as business owners.

Love your work, thanks for the read, share it with those it can help and stay awesome!



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