Finding concentrations of EXTRAORDINARY people! (Thank you Paula, Hoc & NSW BC)

Paula Dunn and Hoc Ku Huynh are incredible people to spend time with. I love their work!

Paula Dunn and Hoc Ku Huynh are incredible people to spend time with. I love their work!

It’s a story I tell at least twice a week now. About 2 years ago my business hit a brick wall in growth and I was frustrated, out of the zone and really stuck identifying the problem.

There were lots of reasons that I fixed but one of the core problems was the actual communities that I was engaged in. I knew wonderful people, but they were washed out by lots people who weren’t so wonderful.

As I did my research, opened my mind and remained objective and critical of my own behaviour; I discovered the wonderful NSW Business Chamber. The first event I went too was a massive overwhelm bringing up feelings of fear, inadequacy in myself, but it also brought up drive and motivation.

When I saw that crowd of 250 people and started engaging, I knew that I was in the right place and this would be the next stage of my business growth (with credit to my wonderful wife Lassie for encouraging me to get involved).

I just recently attended the Business Awards for the City of Sydney 2017 and it was one of the best events I have ever attended. Sydney Town Hall as beautiful, you had the wonderful Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Clover Moore (the Lord Mayor of Sydney) and wonderful people winning awards with easily at least 300 people in attendance.

What fascinated me about this experience was that EVERYONE WAS EXTRAORDINARY. Between me I was lucky to be sitting with the sharp Leadership Mentor Paula Dunn and Chinese Herbal Medicine Leader Hoc Ku Huynh.

They are both extraordinary people and everyone I spoke to was extraordinary. It was quite an eye-opening experience in that I know that I am connected to exactly the right people and it’s taking my business and life where I want.

My advice and thinking? Spend your networking, development and social time in environments full of incredible people. When you do this, part of them rubs off on you and you gradually grow and evolve over time.

The opposite of this is spending time with people who aren’t that pull you down, waste your time and are simply dumb. You don’t want that.

You want to be awesome, give awesome and surround yourself with awesome. You may have to make some hard decisions like I once did. Leave some places and start visiting the new. When I realised I was in the wrong places I had to make the hard decision to leave.

It wasn’t easy at the time, but TRUST ME – the sooner you do it the better. That space frees you up to start an incredible new life.

Love your work Paula, Hoc and NSW Business Chamber. Thank you for a wonderful evening!

Make sure you take action and DO IT.