Don’t let anyone PULL YA DOWN!

My great mood was hear to stay and my troll friend wasn't gunna take it away!

My great mood was hear to stay and my troll friend wasn’t gunna take it away!

Today was a day that I shall never forget for very positive reasons. I was in a good mood.

Check that; I was in a great mood!

I was productive, helping people, signing up new clients and it was a day that I would love to have more of.

BUT of course there was a troll out there that just wanted to take my wonderful day from me and try and pull out the rug from under my feet. I love sharing some of my favourite people and commentators content over Facebook to help ‘red pill’ the wonderful people out there.

This includes wonderful posts from Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump, Sean Hannity and funny people that in my time were ‘lefties’ but today are considered ‘right wingers’.

I love sharing cool and funny stuff with someone I have recently met who got really offended and started trolling me. They sent me nasty messages, unfriended me whilst I was in my wonderful mood.

This forced my hand in a very special way. I had to make a choice and I saw two options:

  • Am I going to take this feedback, feel really bad and be sad?
  • Or am I going to ignore this meanie and continue MY AWESOME DAY!

I obviously chose the latter option and it got me thinking as to the times in the past where I let other people pull me down.

This is something we must be careful about in that if we don’t guard our own thoughts, mood and thinking we stand vulnerable to others who want to take that from us. The person who trashed me I bet is having some rough times in their life. Instead of admitting it, they took the shorter path and thought they would try and take my mood way with some belief of it making them happy.

It backfired on them. They lost a friend, I then blocked them and it will be another point of negativity their lives that they created. Pity, but their choice.

My advice and thinking? Control your emotions and DON’T LET OTHERS. It takes time, practice, clear thinking, discipline to break the mental control that others have on us but it’s very possible with continual effort.

Every time someone tries to take your mood away, don’t let them. Fight it and stay happy or the way you want.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay wonderful friends!