Promote your events EARLY!

Great events come with early Marketing. Our last Forum was a blast, even though I did start late!

Great events come with early Marketing. Our last Forum was a blast, even though I did start late!

I have lost count over the many ‘11th hour’ requests I have had from awesome people asking me to help promote their events. They have an event on (sometimes within a few days), they just realised numbers are bad and they come asking me for help.

As I throw stones, I also which to point out on this issue that I was once standing in a glass house doing it. I dropped the ball on a recent Profitable Marketing Forum realising about a 1 week out that my numbers were bad.

I dug myself out of it with some incredible Marketing. It was a wonderful event with even a seasoned veteran like myself (who knows better) dropping the ball.

I have learned my lesson I can tell you wonderful friends and be it you are running paid or free workshops; promoting consistently and early is everything.

In my case I am most often running regular smaller workshops of 10 to 20 people each fortnight. This takes continual effort, whereas in your case you may be doing the heavier 50 – 100 every few months (both models are very common).

In small events like mine, starting a good month out is a great move. When you hit 2 weeks prior that is when it’s down to the wire. Lots of emails to the database, videos on Facebook, sharing it on LinkedIn and doing what it takes.

If you are doing a big event, you may even start 12 weeks out and that is great.

My advice and thinking? Don’t stuff it up and please start early. It can be very easy to miss it with all the work we must do in the rest of our business, but you don’t want to do that.

Talking to the positive now, the better you do your events is the happier you become and the more money you make. You may just get that wonderful person to your event that becomes a client and by hitting it earlier you get more sales.

Nothing is also more energising that putting up great images on Facebook of wonderful groups with everything being super happy.

Start early. Takes out the stress and makes life much more fun.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!