The more energy you have the sweeter your success!

The more energy you have the sweeter your success!

Whilst working on a PowerPoint today for a Corporate Client, I was writing on the topic of negotiation and it’s a great area and passion of mine.

I was originally trained in it by the Federal Government and I was applying my old field agent experience and found myself thinking about Donald Trump’s old book “The Art of the Deal” (which I read a really really long time ago).

I strangely had trouble finding the full original version on Kindle (they had cuts / summaries of it, but not the full version) but as I read some more of Donald Trump’s work I found this great quote:

Without passion, you don’t have energy; without energy, you have nothing. Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.

That is a great one which has got me thinking about my own business and growth today. As you probably know, I totally love what I do. Right from blogging, through to my awesome clients and putting videos out on Facebook – it’s the passion I have for what I do that gives me energy that leads to happening results.

One thing that has come to mind is that if you think about heroes and villains from history, they are all passionate people. Passion is the origin of results and Trump’s thinking here has me considering things on a deeper level:

Increasing your passion, improves your energy that contributes to great results.

So the simple moral of the story? Get more passionate about what you do and watch the great results to follow. As you love what you do more, your energy will naturally increase that leads to results and successes. That’s cool! I like that and I am going to take that one to heart and get to work.

Thanks for the read, trust it helps, please share and stay awesome!



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  1. Hi Edward,

    I agree that passion is so important! When we love what we do, ‘work’ does not seem like work in the traditional sense at all.

    I noticed that purpose driven people like you have high energy. No obstacle is too difficult as they are passion driven.

    Great stuff here! Thanks, Edward!

    • It’s funny you say that awesome Viola. I love my work so much I already feel like I have retired! Need to keep that up 🙂

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