Sven Tydeman and his students from C3 Oxford Falls - intelligent, chartiable and in the zone!!

Sven Tydeman and his students from C3 Oxford Falls – intelligent, chartiable and in the zone!!

This has been a very exciting Monday in being my first opportunity to speak to students at the C3 Church in Oxford Falls.

If you aren’t from Sydney, Oxford Falls is this beautiful forested area in Sydney’s Northern Beaches with C3 there being one of the modern day “Prosperity New Ages Churches” that I am a total fan of.

In this session, the Music Leader Sven Tydeman invited me to speak to his students on using Social Media (mostly Facebook) as a means of his young music students building their careers and profile.

They were an incredibly sharp group with questions being asked easily exceeding the capability of many different audiences. The students were ambitious, totally interested and it got to the point where we had to finish and there were still many unanswered questions.

As I stayed back and spoke to Sven afterwards (and ate the box of Lindt they gave me, awesome!) and reflected on what C3 Church is working on (along with himself).

What impressed me was that it is a highly progressive place equipping it’s people with the latest knowledge in a range of areas (of course with me in there lol) and on more spiritual level – the people are being educated with charitable giving and others in mind.

C3 Church is in the zone, the students I worked with today rocked and I am looking forward to the next round I do there.

My advice and lessons from this one? Progressive churches are where it’s at. They teach more than from scripture – they build you up as successful leader to kick butt and share your blessings with the world.

Thank you Sven, the awesome students and C3 Church – looking forward to more great things to come!



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  1. What a small world! Sven is a great guy and great musician/songwriter/producer!
    Awesome to see Excellence Above sharing with the C3 team and equipping musicians and creatives to be the very best they can be in their field! Great work Edward!

    • Hey thank you James and really appreciate it! A small world indeed and glad you found this blog. The C3 Team are amazing and I only hope to work more with them. I must tell Sven about your comment. Love your work and thanks!

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