Busy people get stuff done. They are always the first person to go too in the case you are in a bind!

Busy people get stuff done. They are always the first person to go too in the case you are in a bind!

This is one ‘old saying’ that I have learned over the years to be 100% true. I have known people who have all the time in the world and can’t even answer a one line email compared with people who are flat out, running big companies and they don’t miss a beat.

It sounds like a funny statement on the surface, but when you analyse it a bit, it starts to make just brilliant sense. If someone is ‘busy’ chances are they are really good at what they do (after all, they would have never survived long enough to get busy).

If someone is then really good at what they do, in order to stay sane / survive, they must have at some point learned how to become more efficient, productive and can go hard enough to get stuff done to keep their clients.

Turning the critical spotlight on myself, I am way more productive and efficient now that I ever have been. I get more done in a day, I don’t mess around and people love me for it.

Talking to someone else is the awesome Michael Mekhitarian. He is well deserved big shot from Parramatta who is a Director of his own Accounting Business ATB Partners and also the President of Parramatta Chamber.

He has high end clients, lots of staff, is high up in the community and I can only imagine that is workload is greater than my own. Considering this and the heading of this article, he gets stuff done. In fact, he gets way more stuff done compared to many I know with barely the workload he has.

How does this work and what is the thinking here?

It’s simple, he is successful, intelligent, in the zone so when he gets a job he either does it fast himself or gets one of his team to take care of it. He is a busy person and busy people get work done, pure and simple.

My advice and thinking? Be the highly productive person that gets stuff done right away. If you aren’t busy, it won’t take you long to get busy and your clients and bank account shall no doubt love you.

Trust you enjoyed the thoughts, share it with those it can help, stay awesome and stay productive.

P.S. Thank you Michael Mekhitarian for the great work. Inspiring and keep it up!



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