People who are themselves are purely inspiring. Greer Ford, you rock and are the living example of this. You rock!

People who are themselves are purely inspiring. Greer Ford, you rock and are the living example of this. You rock!

Don’t you find it amusing when people tell you how to act, think and behave – yet get all funny when you speak back to them or apply their own logic back on them?

I have had a few instances with this over the past 6 – 18 months months (but it has now stopped) and it was quite funny in hindsight. There would be people here and there who for whatever reason, have ‘self elected’ themselves as bosses over myself and other people.

It actually drove me nuts for a short while in people saying to me, “Edward, you shouldn’t dress like that, say that and you should listen to me, because I am really awesome and know best”. Eventually I got pushed far too far and in my typical style I snapped, told off a few people and then it miraculously stopped overnight.

The experience has me looking back now thinking about what actually happened and lots of my clients and friends have similar experiences. That is, people ‘self-elected’ telling them to how to behave with very little justification, logic or any result driven authority.

One interesting example I had some time back was an older man criticising how I dressed. Sure he wore a suit, but he also wore at least 45 kg over what he should be carrying on his body. Now, I have nothing against overweight people (I was once quite overweight), but this person was the last who should be giving out fashion advice.

Now I look back, this fellow actually was my inspiration to really be 100% myself and not worry about what everyone thinks. If anyone gives me great feedback, I love it take it – but if it’s just banal ideas, I now gladly put them in their place and they back off for good (I did that a few weeks ago actually in one case and it was awesome!).

When you find your own personal power and totally accept who you are – it’s a very fun, liberating and positive experience. It’s also more fun when you actively defend yourself and after I went through it – I then realised it was a massive issue that many people face.

As we find ourselves in life and fight for our own personal rights, we learn and uncover who we really are. The great news is that we are really cool! If myself and I am sure yourself conformed to everyone elses standards you would leave much less of a positive impact on the world.

My advice and lessons? Be 100% you and expect people to try and take you down. If someone has some great ideas take it, but draw a line when they are just trying to tell you what to do in projecting their own issues onto you.

It’s actually quite fun watching them cower and go all quiet when you put them in their place! If someone is giving you the you know what, I encourage you to sort them out. You’ll love it.

Thanks for the read, be 100% you my friend, like and share – and of course, stay awesome!

P.S. I wanted to give the nod to Gamer Chick Greer Ford (pictured). She is 100% herself and it’s very inspirational. Thank you Greer!



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