Dreaming of what inspires you

Your dreams are your own. Make them inspire you to achieve great things and smiles!

Your dreams are your own. Make them inspire you to achieve great things and smiles!

It was a few months ago that I had one of those very awesome lucid dreams where you are in full control and it’s like you are really there.

If you know about what I am into; I often watch lots of stuff on YouTube late at night – and during the day I am forever reading stuff on Donald Trump, geopolitics, crazy feminists getting REKT and Social Justice warriors getting their comeuppance.

If I say have a 12 hour day in Sydney CBD (clients all day and event that night), I often spent lots of time on my mobile phone. Then, when I hit YouTube that night – I can only imagine that my subconscious brain has lots of funny stuff pumped into it.

Anyway, during that dream it was totally awesome. I was in the United States visiting a Trump rally. I was there in the crowd, wearing the red “Make America Great Again Hat” and I was with friends chanting cool stuff like “Build a Wall, Build a Wall” and “Trump, Trump, Trump”.

During the day, I do tend to daydream quite a bit and one time I kind of had one of those strange ‘Semi-conscious’ moments. It’s the space in between full sleep and consciousness and I was at a crazy leftie megaphone blasting silly protesters with pro-Trump messages. Like you imagine on YouTube, I was arguing with them and someone was recording it for viewing online.

Even though it does sound quite funny expressing it; the day dreaming keeps my happy, motivated and inspired. I am too busy in my business to spare a few weeks to go visit a Trump rally, but rest assured when things settle down – I am so going for a holiday up there.

My dreams and day dreaming is very healthy, keeps me amused and also tends to keep my extra focused and motivated on the business. I have learned over the years that it’s critical to stay happy and inspired in whatever way works for you.

My advice and lessons? Know what you love, what you want in life and keep living that. Be it dreaming about it, putting a photo near your PC monitor, having a vision board or even a full on ‘Power Wall’ (such as I do).

It will add a spring to your step, a greater curve to your smile and help you stay above the daily grind and focus on what matters. As for me, I will tragically miss out on the Trump raillies this time; but I am sure something will come up in the future that floats my boat.

Stay awesome, thanks for the read and GO TRUMP!