Abundance Thinking 101

Only crazy and awesome lunatics allowed. My interpretation of abundance (lol)

Only crazy and awesome lunatics allowed. My interpretation of abundance (lol)

Without sounding like I am ‘super spiritual’ or anything (remembering, I am a Trump Supporter) – I have been thinking about my consciousness lately. I don’t mean this in terms of belief in Jesus or anything like that – but more about my own thinking and how I think and process information.

Compared to most I have had an extreme life and a combination of injuries, homelessness, poverty and being on the fringes of society a few times in life.

This put me on the path of not playing the victim; but really putting the focus back onto myself and changing the way I think for the better.

My parents are amazing people and both being immigrants to Australia who came with nothing; they worked hard to build lives for themselves.

Their hard working ethic rubbed off on me and it’s a powerful thing to have and possess (it ultimately saved me from a life of poverty which I was very close too).

Now talking today 6 years on in business, I am winning (touch wood) and it feels great. I am forever going harder than I did before and the challenge I have been working through lately is developing a true abundance mindset.

This is a mindset of achievement, helping others, thinking on how to create more and at least in my own interpretation; being a money making machine. Even though I have had a great work ethic, I used to have a massive poverty mindset that I am still cracking. 

I still have a bit of it today in terms of beliefs such as:

– “You shouldn’t be this successful, you are about to lose it”

– “You are only successful because you are lucky”

– “You are a bad person because you are winning”

Really utter BS. Right now I am stripping this thinking as much as I want with much better programs such as:

– “You are a true leader”

– “You deserve lots of money for your success”

– “You are winning because you are a good person”

The last one to me is very important in changing the way I think and I encourage you to do the same! You are winning because you are a good person and it totally rocks. As I think more in the a latter and not the former, my life gets better and I get to help more of the people I love and care for (if I get more successful, I share the blessings).

My advice and thinking? Go abundance. Go hard. It takes years of work to transition one’s thinking (if you are miles behind in poverty land like I was), but everyday it gets better.

These days I hang out with amazing people and we love succeeding in each of our own unique ways. Create your own interpretation of success and love it friends.

Appreciate the read, thanks from Edward Zia and stay awesome!