The short answer is Yes.  My Subconscious Mind also makes me do quite brilliant things. One point of interest that I have found fascinating lately is how powerful our subconscious minds are in terms of controlling what we do. That is:

– Our Subconscious mind controls 90%+ of our behaviour and then our “Ego” claims responsibility for it.

I find that incredibly amazing in that with the old cliche example: Driving a Car.  When you first learn it’s like performing open heart surgery on a Live Tiger, but after several years you can drive a car, eat a Big Mac (or in my case a Falafel Roll being a Vegetarian) and talk on your Mobile Phone while picking lint out of your pocket – and still make it home in one piece.

Sometimes, I have noticed that I do some really stupid stuff and I think “Where the hell did that come from?”.  For example, at least once a week I drive on “Autopilot” and try to “Drive Home” when I am clearly going somewhere else.

Conversely, sometimes at work I do quite complex actions while half asleep or thinking about what I am going to eat for lunch or dinner that night. That is totally amazing yet scary, 90%+ of our behaviour is not controlled by us consciously! Besides learning this in my current Coaching Course, it has been repeated many times in that you have to be careful what you feed your mind.  That is if you:

– Watch TV Ads too much.

– Watch Biased News too much.

– Listen to the “Wrong” people too much.

You can get subconsciously brain washed and do things against your own interest! A good example of mine previously has been letting some unethical colleagues or bosses influence me on “What I am capable of and what I am not”.

I have some good friends that “Buy unnecessary stuff” as a result of clever Marketers and Advertisers getting into the mind without their conscious awareness.

The good news is that by putting the “Right Stuff into your mind” and spending time watching the “Right Stuff” and hanging out with the “Right People” is that you can program your subconscious mind the other way. It looks like I better stop (or at least limit) watching South Park. Rats!



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