Creating a MASSIVE PULL on Social Media

Post great stuff all the time and people shall listen to you. Even nut jobs like me!

Post great stuff all the time and people shall listen to you. Even nut jobs like me!

Some months ago I received a comment that wasn’t till only just recently that I understood the power of it. One of my long clients and personal friends is the type of person that is extremely intelligent and only speaks when they can really back up what they are talking about.

Remembering back as much as I can for a word for word quote, they said:

  • “Edward, you have a massive pull on Social Media and Facebook. People really listen to what you have to say”

Interestingly talking tonight, we had a fantastic seafood dinner at ‘The Lagoon Seafood Restaurant’ in Wollongong (New South Wales). It was wonderful and during our meal we put up videos of our great time and really the fantastic 5 star experience we had (the place is really good BTW, recommended).

People really took our reviews seriously! Even if I go onto Facebook to troll by saying something like “I love Vladimir Putin” or “Donald Trump is a dreamboat” many people take me totally seriously on this point. As we put up posts about the restaurant where we enjoyed dinner we got hundreds of views from our posts, got people asking about the food with event some saying they are going to book in for dinner there.

It’s got me thinking as to why on earth people would take someone seriously who only a decade ago used to live in their car? After some serious thought and discussion during a late drive from Wollongong back to Sydney CBD I have the probably answer:

  • It’s because we post all the time with a strong salient point.

This basically means that I use FB all the time with a strong purpose as to what I am about. I put up content with purpose, talk some serious Marketing and I keep doing it day in and day out. When I first started some years back, people didn’t take me seriously.

These days I make jokes about Comrade Putin and people are all over it. The reason is that as I am considered a ‘serious player’, people treat me with such respect on Social Media. It’s a great thing and a positive support to what I do business wise.

My advice and thinking? If you want to be taken seriously, you have to be serious. I don’t mean this in terms of being boring or lame; I mean that in terms of strength and the points you make. If you have strength and conviction in what you say and you say it all the time (as do I), people totally take you seriously.

This is a great thing in that you shall sell more products, services and make more money. Being a respected leader is everything and even thought it does take time, I can tell you that regular posts of strengths prove to people that you are that person.

Do it, post away, go hard and put out great value. People shall love you and respect you big time. Also too, if you get trolled, just block them and keep winning. It rocks.

Love your work, thanks for the read, happy posting, please like, share and stay awesome!