Winning 101: In your own UNIQUE & RARE way

I loved Taronga Zoo and it got me thinking about business. I also got this epic photo too!

I loved Taronga Zoo and it got me thinking about business. I also got this epic photo too!

It’s funny when you browse Facebook. You see lots of ads out there telling you how to win. Follow this system, use this blueprint, use the proven system and follow OUR process to make lots of money.

I find this incredibly interesting and amusing in that many of us not only question the truth of such advertisements but many focus on doing things ‘their’ way and not ‘your’ way.

Great businesses do things their way and it’s very rare to see someone play the ‘Me-Too’ game make it to the top. You can see endless quotes from Industry Leaders about this point and you don’t need me to justify / prove that point to you with all the countless quotes and case study / research out there.

The point what I want to more focus is of course ‘Winning’ (which is critical), but going about it in your own unique way. What got me thinking about this point was a visit to the World Leading Taronga Zoo today (in Sydney). It’s a wonderful place and I have been to lots of Zoo’s around the world.

I am going to go out on a limb and tell you that it is the best Zoo in the world. Without doing an extensive case study or being someone who knows Zoo’s inside out; I can tell you that it’s one unique and incredible place.

They have their own vibe, feel, the incredible view of the Harbour & Sydney CBD, great rare animals that you just don’t see very often, great custom exhibits, top underwater areas and even a ‘Food Market’ type area that is quite good.

It’s just so unique different and RARE and it’s got me thinking about how we can be different in our own unique way. It may be what we do, the style in how we market, how we use our own personalities and even focus on different niches / areas of speciality.

In my own case I have tried to do that and I am busy doubling down on everything from being a pure Marketing Specialist, letting my ‘Awesome’ personality shine through, making my love of Donald Trump & Tony Abbott be part of my brand and having that ‘crazy’ excitement about me that people tend to love. I am also teaching on topics in Marketing that people don’t really do and it’s adding such a different dimension on things.

My advice and thinking? Like Taronga Zoo, be you and be totally different. People don’t hire you because you are like someone else, they hire you because YOU ARE YOU.

Keep fleshing it out, making it real and bringing it to the surface.

I know I am!

Love your work, please like and share, thank you for the read, God Bless Taronga Zoo (you rock) and stay awesome!