PRESELLING: How to build excitement, interest and SALES on release!

Stay tuned friends! Enjoy the PRESELLING tips.

Stay tuned friends! Enjoy the PRESELLING tips.

Depending on what you are working on in your business there will be instances where ‘Preselling’ is required.

This is generally a reference to a ‘release’ of some form when it will be available. There are very common examples where this occurs including launching events, workshops, online courses (watch this space) and new experiences in your business.

I am actually in the process of doing this with my Next Generation Online Course ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia’. It’s actually been finished and I shall be releasing it today / tomorrow pending some final checking, tweaks and testing.

Preselling is very important especially for Live Events and I do this all the time. Let’s say you are a running a free event to help people and to get new clients; even if they book in right away they can choose to not come / leave anytime.

In a way you are preselling till the actual event day itself and these are my top strategies for effective PRESELLING:

  • Email Marketing: Make sure you have their email first / means of accessing them. For example, on Meetup; I will send once to twice a week emails to the database to keep them engaged.
  • Facebook and FB Advertising: You can put out videos on Facebook talking about what you have cooking. Great strategy and works well!
  • Calling people up on the phone: Especially on high value products a phone call is just perfect!
  • Promoting it at the end your events: Just finished an event? Perfect, get the next one out there and going.
  • Making it part of your regular marketing: Don’t just presell with one communication, you need regular touches to make it work and work big.
  • Stay connected how you can: FB groups, community announcements, LinkedIn Groups – do what you can to inform them of the changes to be coming their way.

In walking the talk; I fact which to announce that any moment my next Generation Awesome Marketing Vault is coming out. Stay tuned friends.

Preselling is a great strategy and I just love it!

Love your work, please like & share, take action and watch this space.