Creating Ideas Worth Spreading #TEDxNSI

We like to keep busy!

We like to keep busy!

It is 8:34PM and I am finally at my desk at my PC. It’s been a long day of fun, nervous energy, stressful times, good times and winning!

I was lucky to be a Mentor with TEDx at the Northern Sydney Institute (Part of TAFE NSW) and it has been a long time in the making. It’s my second round now and I don’t think there is anyone in Sydney (yet alone Australia) that doesn’t know about TED talks.

Today was our big day where all of our speakers got up to speak to thousands Live and hundreds of thousands to come with their videos going up on YouTube. It included key ideas right from chemistry, eating better, environmental justice, right through to even considering how you think and giving some commentary to Trump winning the US election.

This all has me thinking on a deeper level and in bringing it back to marketing; it all comes down to really creating ‘good ideas’ that people find worthy of spreading. When you look at TEDx and thought speeches of this nature; it’s not always person with the ‘best idea’ that wins. It’s not one with the most ‘research’ that wins:

It’s the one with the most powerful idea that wins!

You and I can think something is totally wonderful, but if the market doesn’t we have nothing. However if the market loves it, we have a massive fighting chance of our idea getting picked up. In terms of marketing this is critical. If someone sees our newsletters, Facebook posts, our business card or meets us – they must like what we do or there is no way we are going to get clients anytime soon.

The way we create ideas that people catch onto is through really getting close to people, their needs, wants, the market and you can even say getting ‘inside their heads’. The closer we are to our market, the better we can create ideas that people will adopt, want to hit like & share and of course considering hiring you for.

My advice and thinking? Really think through your marketing, your business and the narrative / story you go out with. Is it sticking? Does it need reboot? Is it working? Is so, why? Ask yourself the hard questions.

Then ask yourself a really hard yet critical question “What is a great marketing idea that will really be worth spreading?”. Once you nail that, put something out there and test it. When you nail it, you will instantly know that it’s working.

You get likes, shares, leads, phone calls – you get wins.

Go hard, make it happen and thank you TEDx and Northern Sydney Institute. You have me buzzing and thinking…