The Cadbury Purple is Awesome - you can't miss it. It makes me think about how we can make our businesses jump 'off the shelf' like this?

The Cadbury Purple is Awesome – you can’t miss it. It makes me think about how we can make our businesses jump ‘off the shelf’ like this?

I don’t drink often, I am a Vegetarian (save for a little bit of Fish & Seafood now and then) and I am relatively vice free.

However, this is with exception to Chocolate.

Yes, I am a total Chocolate head and in addition to being a Marketer – I have always kept a close eye on Cadbury and their marketing (over 13 years ago, I even visited their headquarters in Birmingham, United Kingdom which was awesome).

One aspect of massive interest to Marketers and also Trademark Specialists are their use of the colour purple. In speaking to my trusted business partner Suzanne Harrington (who does lots of Trademark work) – we both have found their use of ‘purple’ interesting.

The ‘Cadbury Purple’ is a very unique colour that not only looks visually attractive, but it really leaps off the shelf in the supermarket. For the sake of this blog, I purchased two blocks (which I am eating now) and well as a Generic Woolworth’s Select Chocolate (with a more blue) to show this great colour difference.

The colour looks like you can eat it and even from almost across the supermarket – you can see this distinct purple stand out making one immediately think of the fine chocolate. It all got me thinking about having a clear colour, image and being able to stand out so people just recognize you from a mile away.

Cadbury have even gone as far to Trademark this colour shade on block and boxed chocolate as they know it’s that colour sets their product apart from the other stuff on the shelf.

Of course we can’t all rip off Cadbury and use their purple – but it’s a good lesson into having a distinct colour, look and theme so people get used to it and recognize it.  For me, it’s been my solid ‘Officeworks Blue’ colour combined with White & Black. It’s always been a hit.

My advice and thinking on this one? Having a clear distinct brand with good colours is a great thing to do in the marketing of our own business. Think carefully of the colours, style and approach you really like and brand your own business that way.

It will help people recognize you, you will love your own look and it shall translate to confidence with you selling it.

Love your work, thank you for the read & Stay Awesome!



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  1. As usual your comments are very interesting and real,love to read what you write. By the way I read somwhere that Cadbury has been taken over by Japanese Company sometime ago, so its different in taste, looks etc xxxxxxElizabeth

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