'Vault Boy' from Fallout rocks - a great example of a cartoon that sells with power!

‘Vault Boy’ from Fallout rocks – a great example of a cartoon that sells with power!

I love Cartoons. As an only child they were my world in the time I would spend on my own.

As an adult I love them as they have been an awesomely profitable marketing device for me. My old ‘Crazy Persian’ graphic was developed I think four years ago and to this day – I still regard it with the same potency as when it was created.

I have had many clients over the years use cartoon graphics of either themselves or as part of graphical devices of their business. Of course it depends on the nature of the industry you are in (i.e. it suits say Marketing & Design – maybe not Accounting & Legal) and in the cases it does suit, it can give immediate cut-through.

When I first started my business I figured out quite early on I need to be a ‘Specialist Mentor’. That is – if I played general Business Coach I would be dead. Considering I used to be a Marketing Director, being a ‘Marketing Mentor’ was just perfect.

Once that played out, I then realized I need something really unique and creative so I can stand out. One of my old clients had a great graphic designer in his agency who came up with the ‘Crazy Persian’ graphic you can see in my logo.

THIS WAS AWESOME! It got rave reviews once it came out and as time passed, it became a funny recognizable brand which equally impressed and amused people.

As another example as well, is good old Fallout / Vault Boy (pictured). The Fallout Series is this awesome video game franchise I have loved for years and “Vault Boy” is their mascot. He is on the box and in the game as the character that almost guides you and adds humour.

This poster really resonated with me in not only me recognizing it as Vault Boy, but it was just a cool funky graphic that got lots of attention. It’s not only fun, it captures attention helping them sell more video games.

My advice and thinking? If cartoons do suit your style and industry – do it. I promise done well it will stand out, give you that uniqueness and of course help you get more profitable high value clients.

Love your work, thank you for the read and check out ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault’.

Stay Awesome! x x



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