Can’t beat ‘em? Make ‘em customers

Seeing Microsoft all over an iPad makes me feel warm and fuzzy!

Seeing Microsoft all over an iPad makes me feel warm and fuzzy!

When I started my business, I hired some people and got some bad advice. Even though I had years in Marketing, I went out to the market as a ‘Business Coach’.

After about 3 months, I fired the lousy people who gave me that advice and went straight to ‘Marketing Mentor’ and my business just worked. I stuck to my passion, my skills and what I was great at and focused on helping my clients get more profitable high value clients.

As this played out, I have been so lucky to work with incredible Business Coaches & Mentors as clients. About ½ of my clients hire Business Coaches to support them with my own services are NOT SEEN AS COMPETITION which is wonderful (as it’s totally different).

I saw this play out in a very funny way at the Microsoft Flagship Store in Sydney CBD. I have known about this all along, but it was the first time in my face I have ever seen Microsoft openly push how their Microsoft 365 Office Suite (e.g. Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel etc) is just wonderful on iPad’s and Apple.

Going back a few years, Microsoft and Apple were trying to compete and it wasn’t good for anyone. Microsoft released phones and tablets that didn’t cut it with Apple trying to be a business solution that didn’t cut it.

As they both got smarter, I love how Microsoft stopped seeing Apple as competition and saw it as an opportunity.

With Microsoft Software, why on earth would you want to compete with Apple? You want your software on any iMac, iPad, iPhone or iWhatever you can get your hands on.

Not that you get as many as a few years ago; but I know a few Apple Zealots left that just love Apple with Mircosoft & Google just being ‘terrible companies’. If you then peek at their iPad, you will see Word, Excel and all the beautiful Microsoft Apps on their home screen.

My advice and thinking? Don’t always think compete, compete, compete to the extreme. I used to see other Business Coaches as that early on in my business then I came to my senses and DERP! They are awesome high value clients and wonderful friends.

Like Microsoft has seen the light as have I; broaden your thinking to see opportunities wherever you look.

Your competitor may be a nice juicy customer for you. It’s worked me for.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!