Being told off for saying hello. What a FRUIT CAKE!

Some people are just FRUIT CAKES. Leave it at that (lol)

Some people are just FRUIT CAKES. Leave it at that (lol)

I just had a funny experience that would have triggered me a year or two ago. Now I think it’s so AWESOMELY FUNNY and totally amusing.

I was sitting on my PC, in a good mood (which I still am) and was wishing a few people a great Wednesday. Why not right? Got to spread the love.

I like spreading as much love as I can and everyone is just wonderful and nice about it. Except you meet the odd fruitcake every now and then.

One person I said hello too got angry at me. Yes! I said hello, wished them a great day and they got angry at me.

I instantly thought that this person has total issues and they said I was distracting and annoying. It’s been one of the most insanely amusing things that has happened to me in the last 6 months.

My immediate response was a sarcastic apology for being ‘nice to them’ and blocking them before they could respond.

As I write this blog, I am busy trying to enter their mind and think how on earth did they get there? How can someone be nice to you and you just tell them off?

I could play psychologist. I could think about it. I could empathise with them.

But I have a faster solution.

Just call them a FRUIT CAKE, block them and be done with it! It’s very important that in business and life we limit toxic people in what we do.

While I do sympathise with what they are going through, that behaviour is not on and you must not tolerate it in your life.

My advice and thinking? Give out awesomeness and expect it back. Block FRUIT CAKES.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome friends!