Staying up late working is easy. When you love your business that is. Sweets help.

Staying up late working is easy. When you love your business that is. Sweets help.

Be it you are an employee of a Corporation or Yourself – there will be times of late nights. For me personally this can include anything from massive client jobs coming in (that are time sensitive) or also large projects you have in your own business (that are time sensitive).

For me, my days are spent working with my awesome clients – and my evenings or spent working more ‘on the business’. This usually includes me writing blogs (such as this one now), writing newsletters, Facebook work, building business automation and building my own knowledge.

What I find very interesting about my own behaviour and plenty of the highly successful people I know is that they have no problem doing this. They know what is required and when they have too – they will gladly spend a late night or two working on their business¬†because they know it’s worth it.

Me staying up myself and being ‘self-motivated’ got me thinking as to ‘why’ I am like this. Sure, I was motivated as an employee – but as a business owner, I have that 300% multiplier of performance. Many of my high powered friends are the same.

Tragically however, I know business owners that aren’t that passionate about their business. They are often the ones who don’t really care much for what they do – but are more driven my the money and not the actual ‘Work Satisfaction’.

For example, someone asked me if I would quit my business if I won say $10,000,000. No way. I’d invest part of it, pay off my families bills and invest the rest into my business and make myself bigger and faster.

This brings me to the original thought of burning the ‘Midnight Oil’ (which is a funny saying for staying up late working). You got to do it because you want too and you love your business that much. It can’t be someone making you or you doing just for the bucks. You have to love it.

When you do the work flows with minimal effort and tons of love. Then the results come!

My advice and thinking? Either love your business and if you don’t – re-engineer it to something you do love. You won’t look back and it’s likely your bank account will love you for it.

Trust this article helps, keep up the great work, check out ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault’ and Stay Awesome!



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