Helping people in need it awesome, however you have to make sure you don't become 'part of the problem'. Enjoy and Credit to Fallout & Bethesda for the Vault Boy Use!

Helping people in need it awesome, however you have to make sure you don’t become ‘part of the problem’. Enjoy and Credit to Fallout & Bethesda for the Vault Boy Use!

I love helping. I am sure you are the same. You love helping people in the challenging modern world in which we live and I think that’s totally awesome.

When I originally started my business (which was an awesome success) I looked at my skill set and I found a way that I can help people, do what I love and make some great earnings. I spent my life helping people and I have found that in order to be productive at it, you have to do your part and let them do their part.

When we help people it’s important that we are with them, helping them, advising them and doing whatever we can – however, we aren’t being ‘affected by their problems / issues’.

I have had it before with people that have asked me for my help, I show them what to do (in some cases I even do it for them) and you get some that don’t use the information for their own betterment. Most people are awesome!

They ask for my help, I give it to them – and they get massive results from it. Likewise too, when I get stuck and reach out for help – I am very ready to listen to people, agree / disagree I may, but I will use their advise in a way that gets me results and outcomes.

You do get the odd person that wants more than help – they want to make you part of their own story and issues. It can be they don’t implement / act on what you say and instead of admitting it – they may blame you. Another scenario is when someone is a ‘Drama Queen’ and just want to pull you in as an ‘actor’ into their life in which they assume the world revolves around them.

Either way – helping is awesome and we do at times get people that don’t act on what we tell them or try and pull us into their vortex. I am not saying that we can’t help them, however there is a point where we can only do so much and it’s up to them to take personal responsibility and make some decisions for themselves.

I find this can happen when people may reach a point in their lives when they feel a bit out of it. I was once in a position like this where I felt lost and at the time I would at times feel this way (when I got washed up).

My advice and thinking? Be helpful and love it – but draw a line. There is a point where all of us must take personal responsibility and we are the masters of our own destiny.

Love your work, hope you enjoy these thoughts and stay awesome!



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