Being ‘Grumpy Cat’ and staying on target!

I was turned into 'Grumpy Cat'. The trick is to get over it and stay on target!

I was turned into ‘Grumpy Cat’. The trick is to get over it and stay on target!

I had a really good test of my own abilities over the weekend session that got me smiling and thinking about writing this article for several days.

I spoke to lots of wonderful people over the weekend and even for me; I had a person totally get under my skin (in ironically a community project that I am working in).

Most people consider me quite thick skinned which is true for the most part, but you never know what can get through and disrupt us emotionally.

It was funny in that every now and then, someone will say or do something that totally throws out my energy and it can even take me a day or two to really release it and get over it. It happens and of the many people in my awesome community (who are totally wonderful), the same thing happens to them.

You are doing your thing, doing your best and someone tries to rain on your parade and then boom – for whatever reason they get into your head. Be it they demoralise you, annoy you or make you fed up; it totally happens to us in different ways in how people can negatively impact us.

Sometimes you never know when this is going to happen and it’s important that in business you simply stay on target when things go against you (or at least it feels that way).

I remember last year I worked on some complex projects and in some of the teams I was in I had people try ‘funny stuff’ on me that really throws out ones enjoyment and gets you somewhat of a ‘grumpy cat’ for a few days.

There are several lessons to be learned from these situations:

  • Know that people are going to get under your skin every now and then.
  • Get over it fast and don’t play the victim.
  • Change what you can to remove / minimise them.

In my own case here I told the person to back off and then blocked them on Facebook. Sweet! Sure, they may try some funny stuff again but they will think twice about it. I love to ‘forgive’ but I never ‘forget’.

My advice and thinking? When people try funny stuff on you and they successful turn you into ‘Grumpy Cat’ try and shake it quickly. Sometimes you can get thrown out for a day or two and that is fine.

The trick is that we don’t let these experiences slow us down and we do what we can to not only toughen up; but focus on the awesome and wonderful people in our lives. It’s critical that we Stay on Target! Sure we can be grumpy, but don’t let it slow down your production. The good news is that next time they try it you get slightly tougher and happier.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome wonderful friends!

P.S. Thank you Grumpy Cat for the image use.