Becoming an active LEADER in your community (Thank you Michael Basan)

The Awesome Michael Basan from Parramatta Eels. I learned alot from this savvy guy. Love his work!

The Awesome Michael Basan from Parramatta Eels. I learned alot from this savvy guy. Love his work!

It was interesting in that I was going to write my blog today and actually found this old draft (in WordPress) that I missed and never published.

Over the time since I wrote this draft; I have in a way gone from being accepted into the community to leading my own.

This has got me thinking of my journey on a deeper level in that before I went off to create my own community; getting accepted in my own was part of it.

In in hindsight I think I should have started building my own community earlier, but you know what? It’s all part of the journey. During this time, I met this incredible friend and client who taught me many things and it’s paved the way for me doing many amazing things.

It’s critical that in business that YOU ARE A COMMUNITY LEADER. I don’t mean you have to be on any boards or anything of that extreme, but wherever you live or operate you are making active additional contributions to where you are.

Even if you are donating your time to helping out your local church on a Sunday (which I started doing once), you are a community leader! Pure and simple.

Talking business, people take community leaders very seriously. It helps you get recognised, people love you and it increases your odds of being the supplier of choice. As a blast from the past, I event have retained my old article here. Other than a few grammatical corrections, I have not changed a thing. Enjoy and win big friends.

My Old Article from 2016:

It was some months back that I attended a charity / government workshop in Parramatta / Western Sydney.

It was a half day workshop that went into charity and looked at things from how it can enrich corporates and help businesses whilst being something for the greater good of society. From a business viewpoint, I wasn’t sure it was worth my time.

I went along and I had my doubts, but was proven ‘wrong’ very quickly in terms of meeting great people, learning new ideas and starting to really think more beyond myself and more in the charitable giving space.

As I was there, I was very lucky to be sitting at the table of a savvy fellow by the name of Michael Basan from Parramatta Eels. He had the full uniform on and I talked to him and we became pals very quickly (would have been fun going through uni with him).

Over the months to come I have been working away with him talking more about the community and getting known in that from a personal / club point of view. One of the key leanings I have had from this experience is that ‘getting known in the community’ is a big challenge for everyone right from you and me – to big brands like the Parramatta Eels.

People can have ‘heard of you’ which is great – but you need an actual emotional connection to them. People need to see lots of you, know you are active and you are a great ‘community citizen’ so to speak.

Talking my own business and my clients too; people very rarely hire you when they first meet you (unless they know about you prior). People have to get to know you over a period of time, prove to themselves that you are the real thing before they even consider doing business with you.

For an awesome club like the Eels; yes they have had their challenges of late, but they are bouncing back strongly right now and the fact they are so loved by the community for their charitable track record is a great thing for them. Learning their amazing story has got me thinking about us on a personal level.

My advice and thinking? Like the big clubs, politicians, celebrities and the like make sure you become part of the community.

That is so people love you, they know you love them and prove you can be trusted. It’s not only a great feeling, but people will definitely consider putting their trust in you to hire you.

So I am pumped, thank you Michael Basan for your friendship and support, thank you Parramatta Eels and thank you for reading this article.

Stay awesome!

So there you go friends. It was almost like me cracking a ‘time capsule’ here on my own thing. Enjoy and love your work.