HIGH Energy Results (thank you Academy of Entrepreneurs)

The awesome Mariana Jens and Paula Mills. High Energy characters who are busy winning.

The awesome Mariana Jens and Paula Mills. High Energy characters who are busy winning.

It was a beautiful winter afternoon in Sydney. I had a wonderful day, I enjoyed some fantastic company and had a meeting at the end of the day I was really looking forward too.

Only just weeks earlier; I connected with some new friends on LinkedIn and we organised for myself to speak to a group of their students studying entrepreneurship.

Marketing & Entrepreneurship is exactly what I do and this became a wonderful fit for us all to work together. It sounded exciting and we booked a time to meet and I met them at the very hip WeWork Martin Place (Sydney).

As I went in there, I was very lucky to meet the awesome Mariana Jens and Paula Mills from the ‘Academy of Entrepreneurs’. They were high energy and in afternoons I do get a bit flat; but talking to them immediately pepped me up.

Mariana & Paula were fun, high energy and we talked through the coming plan for me to do a Marketing Workshop with their students in a few weeks. If you check out their Facebook Page you can see the warm, magnetism and style in which they operate with.

Its high energy and fun; exactly what I do in my business and how I win. Especially when it comes to success & education, people want FUN. They want INTERESTING. They want RESULTS.

This may sound odd in me saying that in that even though a given company may give you results; people want to win in style and love it.

My advice and thinking?

I can’t wait till I see what the incredible entrepreneurs are up to but here is my learning lesson from this meeting:

  • High Energy

We are our energy. The faster we are, the more we engage people the better we just win. It makes life more fun, interesting, you get more done and people just love to listen. When it comes to Marketing that is our job! We want people to listen and love us.

Love your work, here is to high energy and you stay awesome!