Awesome Marketing Vault Update: Module 10 “The Video on Creating Videos”

The latest update to the Vault is in Module 10. Enjoy!

The latest update to the Vault is in Module 10. Enjoy!

It’s been an incredible Saturday and with thanks to a great member request from ‘Awesome Judith’ – there is a new video added under Module 10 titled “The Video on Creating Videos”.

Interestingly in lots of my conversations over the past 12 months, I have spent hours teaching people how to make high quality videos for Social Media (mostly Facebook). There are many ways on going about it from taking a video of an object, giving commentary, selling ones services, inviting someone to visit your website and even book into an event.

Videos are incredibly powerful on Facebook for many reasons as an example. Facebook gives videos more views than say photos, links or a text; and the powerful engaging nature of it makes you stand a much greater chance at getting the reaction you want and building trust online.

I love videos and they rock; one extremely profitable strategy!

Hot off the press and ready for you to enjoy:

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