PROVING that you can be trusted

Trust is something that is 'Proven'. When it's there, it's wonderful!

Trust is something that is ‘Proven’. When it’s there, it’s wonderful!

It’s 3:31PM as I write this article at the beautiful Kirribilli Club waiting for the awesome NSW Business Awards Gala Event this evening.

My journey with the NSW Business Chamber has been incredibly fun, energising, life changing and profitable and I am quite pleased at how things have gone with them.

Talking beyond money; they have really reciprocated the hard work and kindness I have showed them. I have worked hard for the Chamber, invited at least 50 people along, pumped them out on Social Media and spend time proving to them they can trust me.

They have totally given back to me in many ways by supporting me, giving me introductions, inviting me in on special projects, making me part of their team and even making me a Judge on the Business Awards.

It has got me thinking as to how this great win / win relationship has been formed and how other business relationships like this have broken down for me historically.

We both have had a chance to prove to each other that we are wonderful and we have done that. I showed them I could be trusted by doing a great job for their members, inviting people and doing great Social Media.

They proved to me they could be trusted by supporting me and returning as many favours as they could. It’s taken a good 18 months to get to this position and it’s just fantastic and something I have so much value and respect for.

Basically talk, hype and hot air has nothing to do with this. It’s been facts, delivering results, doing a great job and having the ‘runs on the board’ to each other to prove that we are both wonderful to each other.

I trust them, they trust me and we all feel good about it because of the great history we have with each other. It takes time, hard work but it’s worth it.

My advice and thinking?  ‘Runs on the board’ is everything. Talk is seriously cheap in that delivering the business outcome is EVERYTHING.

You can capture this in many ways too such as referees, reference / endorsement letters and even video testimonials; it all ‘Proves’ you can be trusted.

More trust equals more referrals, sales and great times. Make sure you do what you can in your business to show everyone in factual terms how wonderful you are. It helps big time.

Love your work, thank you for the read, thank you NSW Business Chamber and stay awesome!