STICKING to Your Winning Gameplan!

To double down and keep me more focused, I even have my plan stuck on my wall. Yes!

To double down and keep me more focused, I even have my plan stuck on my wall. Yes!

Right now in my business I am actually winning (touch wood and thank you JC!). More awesome people are joining the community, the Awesome Marketing Vault is getting great results for everyone and I know I am winning.

However sometimes during long days and the normal highs and lows in business I can find myself getting pulled off track if I am not careful.

This can include anything from wasting time on the wrong projects, getting caught up in things which aren’t my business and even worse; not carrying out the daily habits that take me one bit closer to success every day.

As an example in what I am doing; for me to win big it involves lots of Awesome Marketing Vault Sales. In order to achieve this it involves talking to people about this every day. If I say can talk to 2 – 3 people about this everyday then the odds of me getting say a new subscriber every week is actually quite reasonable (e.g. say I speak to 15 x people per week and one signs up. Nice!).

Here’s the point. Many great and not so great things can happen to us on a micro level every day and we must be careful not to let them throw us off track. Be it a positive win can cause us to party hard and slow down with a loss not managed well frustrating us and slowing everything down.

My advice and thinking? Come up with your winning plan. Once you have the winning plan, make sure you stick to hit through thick and thin as your life unfolds.

Even if you have a day where it’s hard work mentally if you are say coming off the back of a loss (which happens to me), there is room to keep selling and just keep winning.

You will find that with this losses just lose their impact on you and you just make more money and win more through playing a powerful and awesomely consistent game.

Love your work, thank you for the read, stay awesome and here is to playing a consistent winning game ALWAYS.