When you’re winning please keep it up!

Winning, Winning and Winning. Hmmm....

Winning, Winning and Winning. Hmmm….

I am actually spending a moment in the lovely Novotel on Brighton Beach in Sydney thinking about business, marketing and all things nice.

It’s been just fantastic for many of us lately. Our community has seen massive growth, people are really happy and I am personally winning right now.

I say this with complete humility, touch wood and praise of course to the awesome Jesus in that ‘Winning’ can be extremely temporary in nature and even fleeting at times. You can tragically say that I spent most of my life ‘Losing’ so I am the first to say don’t get complacent in business.

What I can say talking to the positive though is that if you are winning, PLEASE KEEP IT UP!

I made a silly mistake last year when I started winning, then I got all complacent, backed off and then started losing again. I corrected this error quickly and it’s served as a sage reminder to me to say in the zone and once you are winning stay on this track.

When we start winning, we actually have to be careful of several issues. This is what has impacted me personally:

  • Eating too much and drinking too much! (Watch that lol).
  • Thinking you’re too awesome and backing off.
  • Assuming the clients shall always be coming thick and fast.
  • Getting euphoric and losing objectivity.

This happens in different ways to the best of us when we win and we have to watch that big time.

My advice and thinking? Enjoy winning, BUT stay grateful, humble and know that winning is temporary in nature. If you do take some losses, or your winning streak gets interrupted that is okay and part of life; just make sure you get back on the house ASAP and get back to winning.

Also too, make sure your wins are much bigger than your losses. In that matter let’s say you lose half the time but your wins are double the size – sure you may feel down at times, but in reality you are winning more and more.

Love your work, enjoy, stay awesome and like and share.

P.S. You rock and keep up the winning!