You’ll never get it perfect. Get used to it 😊

You shall never get perfect. That’s cool. Go for excellence!

I love Sydney. It’s my home for life, full of incredible people and I thought long and hard when I made my decision to settle here.

There’s lots going on and it’s one competitive place. I’ve even had New Yorkers turn around and tell me it’s a tougher place than New York City.

That is what I love about it and what I have learned, is that you must get used to never being perfect. I love striving for excellence and regardless of what I do, there will always be a critic ready to pick at something.

Some of it’s valid, most of it is something you can’t do anything about.

My advice and thinking?

Don’t worry about it! Don’t try and be perfect. Just do your best every time. Even if you do better, there will always be someone to try and tear you down and pick at your play.

It’s awesome. Just know you rock and keep up the greatness friends.

Love your work 😊