I sold my car and now I LOVE UBER!

My UBER driver rocked and way better than driving. LOVE IT!

For years (right from my unemployed days), I drove my wonderful Nissan Red Pulsar.

It was a 5 Speed Manual and even though I have gone through bouts of homelessness in my lesser days, I always had a car.

As I met my wonderful wife, started a family and got into public transport (and exercising more), I realised I drove my car once a month.

You don’t need to be a CPA Level Accountant to work out that keep this car is just silly, and we sold it.

Now I have got into UBER. It’s great! I had to go to Fox Studios and back today, and it was wonderful. I met two wonderful drivers, gave them cards even and shared some awesome ideas and got inspired.

If I was driving? This never would have happened.

My advice and thinking? If you can get away with not having a car (like if you’re in a big city), then do it. Public Transport and UBER is so my thing now.

Love your work, enjoy the thoughts and go UBER. Right into it!