Our minds can only handle so much Neural Activity at once. Go easy on them and rest up!

If you go back to God’s Manual (or speak to anyone who studied evolution), they will tell you exactly how humans are crafted.

We are built for high bursts of energy in dangerous situations, then times of rest and continued safety. We were never designed for 24 / 7 full on flight or fight and you probably already now.

For me, my wonderful wife and I have given birth to our second child and son. It’s very exciting and yesterday was full on day for me. Labour / activity started at 3AM, it was a full-on day and I even had to do work later that evening. My brain activity was WIRED for many hours with all the nerves, happiness, joy and the like. When the day came to its conclusion, I WAS STUFFED.

Even though I am known to be a tough soldier, even I get tired at times. In this case, it wasn’t physical so much; as it was more psychological fatigue.

Be it happy, sad, fear or excitement; it results in very high neural activity. We can’t do it forever and our poor brains get tired at times.

My advice and thinking? Once you have a bout of fun (or not fun), pull back and relax. I plan to do that now, so I’m well rested for more adventures to come.

Love your work, thanks for the support and stay awesome friends!



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